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Hello! I'd like to ask for tips on this deck that I currently use. Also (if ever), do I have a way to counter the Golden Lord?

2022.01.22 04:42 historia_in_secret Hello! I'd like to ask for tips on this deck that I currently use. Also (if ever), do I have a way to counter the Golden Lord?

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2022.01.22 04:42 Harlequin_98 Royal Rumble secret entrance?

I just got done watching smackdown and not once but multiple times referring dean ambrose as Moxley not just Rollins but also Pat and Cole separately time's saying Moxley are they teasing surprise entrance in the rumble because why would they call him Moxley and not just Ambrose or Dean
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2022.01.22 04:42 katiecakez [WTB] Nautilus narwhal pelagia any nib

Title says it, I'm on the hunt! I'm open to any nib size! Just has to be in great condition (ie no dents or scratches or heavily discounted for the marks)
Located in Colorado USA.
PayPal ready!
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2022.01.22 04:42 Bobobobobobooooo Hinge experiment analysis. Are men on dating apps really as bad as what women describe?

Long story short, my roommate did this experiment where he morphed some of my pictures into a female (I'm a guy). It actually looked pretty convincing, and he used photoshop to touch on it further. Appearance wise, female me was probably a 6/10, decent but not stunning. I then installed Hinge, put a bunch of generic information in "my" profile like how I was an early 20s university student in California, doing some generic degree. Thus, the experiment began. I just wanted to see what the female experience was like.
Within the first 10 minutes, the profile got like 30 likes, I had to limit the dating pool to only Asian men (since we are Asian). Here are some of the things that stood out to me.

  1. The profile felt really popular and it was hard to reply to all messages. It was like every 20 seconds, there was another like. And I had likes from all sorts of people, from teens to doctors in their 30s. I could relate to women having trouble with filtering the matches, as it's only possible to talk to like 2-3 men at a time, while the rest inevitably get left behind. If I was a woman, I'd have a lot of trouble forming deeper connections in this system. And keep in mind that female me was just...slightly above average, yet I had some IVY educated very good looking males pursuing me, it felt surreal.
  2. The quality of males on Hinge at least, is actually pretty good? I don't understand how some women are on about creepy/bathroom selfie males. Out of so matches I got, almost all had pretty good pictures, were highly educated, had relatively interesting profiles and many began with intuitive openers I could have never come up with. Apart from one guy who began with an innuendo, the rest were very respectful and honestly seemed like great guys. They evidently put a lot of effort in the quality of their messages, and were definitely more interesting compared to the women on Hinge. I recall when I swiped as a straight male on Hinge, conversation with women was like pulling teeth, and it felt like I was just there to entertain them. And their pictures/profiles in general had far less effort to the males I saw. Though now that I've gotten the female experience, I guess I could definitely relate as to why women don't even the effort; they just don't have to.
  3. Most males on Hinge were above average compared to the street. If you are a 5/10 in real life, then you are probably a 4/10 on dating apps, because the pool is simply better looking. I would imagine that it would be very difficult for an unattractive male to get dates on dating apps. Even if you are an above average male, why should any women choose you on there, if she has a lot of other guys competing for her that are better looking and richer than you?
I feel like after this experiment, if I was make an actual dating that creates relationships, I would probably have a matchmaker system where you had consultants within the app. You would provide them with information about yourself and what you look for in a partner, and they would play matchmaker, linking you with people that are actually compatiable, and maybe you could only get like 3 "options" a month. Because right now, dating apps simply don't result in relationships. Women get too many choices and are overwelmed, while men get nothing.
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2022.01.22 04:42 Imaginary__Potato MIT Chemistry PhD program visit weekend dates?

I’m wondering if anyone knows the dates of this year’s visit weekend for the MIT Chemistry PhD program. I’m working on RSVPing to other program visits and don’t want to accidentally schedule something at the same time as MIT. Thanks so much!
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2022.01.22 04:42 Nickleo02300 Most people considering themselves Sigma male can't even draw the Sigma sign

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2022.01.22 04:42 Alex-T92 We should renew human sacrifices.

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2022.01.22 04:42 MistaJoestur Just finished Red Dead Redemption 2

The game is a masterpiece of writing and the ending is sad but satisfying in a way with full Honor. Arthur is a character I have never enjoyed like before in other games. He is so good in the way that he does things even when some are wrong but after the tuberculosis, he became a changed man. It feels like an end of a good journey. The gameplay is actually very good even though I barely used Dead Eye and just ran straight into gunfire which isn’t a very good idea but it’s fun. Now onto John and his family.
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2022.01.22 04:42 lcelerate Summoner Duels needs more bonus units

AR and arena have 8 but this mode only has 3. Giving it would make it more friendly towards F2P players as well as giving us more variety of teams to fight against.
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2022.01.22 04:42 lucas23bb What would you say to someone who said that playing video games is not adding anything of value to your life, and you are wasting your life?

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2022.01.22 04:42 hardrockclassicrock Silence, perhaps

i can’t count on my hands and toes how many times a day i’ve looked at photos of your and our step daughter, wishing you’d just see the light of things and stop talking to that other man. So what if he’s more spiritual than me. I like tarot, i like astrology, i just don’t think it literally is dictating my future or love compatibility. He may be spiritual, but i’m reasonable. I believe in rationality and logic, inside of this enigmatic reality we call our world. I deeply cared about you, i saw your soul behind your eyes, just to have another glimpse at your eyes, in our silence together; I will die remember those moments. Will you? I’ll never know. It hurts. It hurts so much.
However, you knew this was cheating, and you kept it going behind my back, even after i caught you meeting up with him. You knew what you were doing. I’m not sure what it was you were doing psychologically in your mind, but i looked up the term “spiritual bypassing” and haven’t looked back since.
Why did you seem to think I was going to be ok with having a Polyamorous relationship with you when I clearly stated from the very beginning I was monogamous? Why did you destroy my heart like this? i’ll simply never understand. You were nice but oh so screwed up inside.
I have a problem. I can’t let go of love. In fMRI scans scientists can now see what love looks like in the brain. When i see your picture on my phone this part of my brain fires off and I start missing you again. However, its clear you don’t miss me, and you’ll lie about missing me whilst not simultaneously blocking that other man and never looking back.
Its been a long time now, and the silence says it all. On both ends.
good bye erin, goodbye forever. I can’t do goodbyes, my silence just makes more sense than a good bye. you don’t deserve a good bye, you deserve a life lesson.
But man do i miss you. I miss you so so much. But i can’t help you any longer.
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2022.01.22 04:42 Klutzy-Yam-4336 Hi everyone, when will Ergo’s wallet reopen for withdrawals?

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2022.01.22 04:42 B1ackMagix Alabama WR transfer Javon Baker commits to Kentucky

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2022.01.22 04:42 copac29 Dosar cu șină aveți?

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2022.01.22 04:42 Mr_Brunner2 Human craftmanship comes to the rescue once again!

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2022.01.22 04:42 SealLionGar The Last Call Of A Species. Kauaʻi ʻōʻō bird recorded in 1987.

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2022.01.22 04:42 ImcanehdianC Cancelled

And just like that my post is deleted. Apparently only positive posts are allowed….no criticism or….just like that….deleted.
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2022.01.22 04:42 distant_storey My name is Little Yellow Duck.

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2022.01.22 04:42 Absolute_Humdrum How did I get this sweet Archæan gear?

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2022.01.22 04:42 meneame_el_reddit Toni Cantó carga contra "los supersueldos sin trabajar" y Twitter estalla recordando su Oficina del Español

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2022.01.22 04:42 Background-Box-207 I think im making progress??

I (28f) have been with my boyfriend (27m) for 2 years. Because of my anxiety I tend to not trust and would always point out what he is doing wrong because I felt like those were signs threatening our relationship. He is currently across the country helping his dad as his dad has cancer and my fear of abandonment got triggered.
Today, I did something different. Although my thoughts are intrusive I was able to say I was proud of him and admired what he is doing and stated things I love about him. He told me he needed to hear it and really appreciated it. It felt good to do something differently for once.
I hope I can keep this up. Anyone else have a similar experience or have other tips of how to positively support my boyfriend while he's away? Also tips on how to work on my own anxious thoughts?
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2022.01.22 04:42 kyber_ice Got to change my daith after 5 months of great healing!

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2022.01.22 04:42 bucket--bot a lot too please!!!

snap someone’s neck are plenty of winkle and read
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2022.01.22 04:42 Fireislander Special Clark Gillies dual flair

Hi all. I know some of you have reached out asking about having a dual flair with the Clark Gillies jersey along side your current flair. If you would like to do so, click the link at the bottom of this post, and send the message exactly as it is, and the bot will append a Gillies jersey to the end of your current flair.
I will be running the bot intermittently throughout the next few days so if your flair doesn't update right away don't worry
A few notes:

Send this message EXACTLY as is to receive the Clark Gillies dual flair
Clark Gillies Foundation for anyone looking to make a donation in his honor
About the foundation:
The Clark Gillies Foundation is a non-profit corporation developed to help children who are physically, developmentally, and/or financially challenged. This assistance can be in the form of payments for medical services, family financial aid, events to enhance the quality of life, and many other forms. Our goal is to help children improve the quality of life and be of assistance in a time of crisis.
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2022.01.22 04:42 60cubits Why jwfacts.com is so effective at introducing active JW "seekers" to a new POV

JWfacts.com has been online since 2005 and contains irrefutable evidence about what the org has printed, taught, and changed through the years.
The "quiet", attracting quality of this site is an effective, hands-off way to both introduce and allow others to passively read about the history of the organization at their own leisure, privately, and without influences / biases other media can trigger.
Neutral Web sites like this are what helped ignite my curiosity to learn more about the org that consumed my childhood and young adulthood and opened my mind to critical thinking and rethinking what had been indoctrinated in me from infancy growing up in the organization.
Thank you for this invaluable repository and resource, Mr. Grundy. Your efforts at making this resource available to all and continuous work at keeping the site going is much appreciated!
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