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Can anyone tell me their experiences?
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I found a clinical research lab looking for undergrad students to run a variety of tests on the subjects (EEG, fMRI, skin conductance, etc). I wouldn’t be conducting my own research or anything, just running the tests. I’ll be honest in that I would only do it for the sake of my application, because I only have 1 semester of research and I’m wondering how valuable this opportunity would be. Any thoughts welcome
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This reverie
It’s got me
Self induced bliss
Unlike previous mindless self indulgence
Eyes wide open In the midnight pitch
Optical capacity of a feline
So the room doesn’t get swallowed up in the darkness
Optimal coherence between the heart and brain
So when I talk to myself
I’m not arguing
Just a passing thought
Like a frequency
Yet alive
I wonder sometimes
if the world is all inside my mind
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Praying the Rosary tonight at 8:00pm central time. And after the Rosary, I'll offer a line-by-line reflection on the meaning of The Lord's Prayer. Join me. 🙏📿⚔️🕯️🌹❤️ #catholic #rosary #praytherosary #catholicism #hailmary #ourfather submitted by crevier to Catholicism [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 21:13 millennium_fae Video Game Cooking: Memory Lane Pastry (Final Fantasy XV)


The fifteenth installment in the franchise, Final Fantasy XV was delayed nearly a decade before it was finally released in 2016. It follows Noctis and his three best friends as they travel the land, saving kingdoms and fighting gods.
FF15′s open-world mechanic has landed it the affectionate nickname ‘road trip simulator’. Not only are you walking around varying landscapes par traditional RPGs, you’re also driving your sweet car through desert highways, and hiking through forests while scouting out campsites to spend the night. And by campsite, I really do mean the tent is set up, Coleman chairs situated around the campfire, and your bro Ignis Scientia busts out the gas grill to cook up a delicious meal.
There are over 100 different dishes you can choose to cook for dinner, each one requiring ingredients Noctis’ group must either find in the wilderness, or buy. Recipes must also be discovered before Ignis can cook them; sometimes he learns them through cookbooks and posters, sometimes he observes an NPC eating a dish he’ll later replicate, and sometimes he apparently has an instantaneous burst of inspiration upon Noctis picking up a wild onion.
The recipe I’m re-creating today is called Memory Lane Pastry, and is one of the few recipes that a) is linked with a late-game sidequest, and b) has more of a backstory to it. Also; I’m super late to the Final Fantasy XV hype, and as a triple-A game, it’s already inspired tons (TONS!) of people to replicate Ignis’ cooking in real life. Memory Lane Pastry being one of the more popular ones to emulate.
But if you’ve read my previous Video Game Cooking recipes, you’ll know that I’m on the geekery side of examining games through their food lore, as opposed to, like, an actual cook who expresses their artistry through amazing recipes. Here, it’s all about replicating not only the ingredients true to the fantasy/historical setting, but also the cooking method and preparation, while looking deep into the mind of Ignis to learn why this food is what it is.
AKA, we’re cooking this pastry on a camping grill.
Memory Lane Pastry (12-18 servings) Pastry Ingredients:

Filling Ingredients:
Grand Marnier Cream Ingredients:
(In the 5-episode anime adaptation of Final Fantasy XV, Ignis’ focus episode was centered around the Memory Lane Pastries and why he hovers around Noctis as much as he does. Noctis can infuriatingly irresponsible, and he’s never confirmed any of Ignis’ attempts at recreating the pastry, but Ignis is gonna keep trying.)
The world of Final Fantasy XV is like a futuristic, urban fantasy with skyscrapers, magic swords, and smartphones. The food and ingredients of Ignis’ cooking range from clear real-world analogies like ‘leiden potatos’ and ‘cleigne mollusks’ and sometimes just straight ‘beetroot’ and ‘trout fillet’, but also there’s the meat of ‘Gigantoads’ and ‘Daggerquill Breasts’ and ‘Platinum Myrltrout Fillet’ and other crazier, fantastical ingredients.
All in-game food look like actual real-life food, even if they’re using ‘Garula steaks’, fitting with the urban fantasy setting. You’re never served glowing pink goop on a plate, or a fried giant beetle or something, in-game foods are sandwiches, curries, green salads, etc. It gives me both leeway and inspiration, ‘cause it’s boring just ... replicating BOTW’s salmon onigiri, but it's near impossible to emulate Skyrim’s Whole Roast Skeever. What’s the point in making video game-based recipes if you’re not taking the opportunity to get a little weird?
Looking at the image of FF15′s Memory Lane Pastry, it looks a lot like a typical real-life mince pie. A round, handheld fruit pie dusted with powdered sugar, likely baked in a cupcake tray. It’s the filling that lends us an exciting endeavor; its made out of something called ‘Ulwaat berries’, described as a rare and exotic strawberry. Today, we’re making a typical mince pie-esque pastry, but it’s gonna take some special ingredients to emulate the Ulwaat taste.
Out of the 100+ recipes Ignis can cook at camp, Memory Lane Pastry is amongst the few that has anything more going for it other than ‘Ignis Cook Good’. Story goes, Noctis once had these amazing pastries in another city when he was a child, and Ignis had been trying to replicate the proper recipe for years. He never got it right until you complete the ‘Berried Memories’ sidequest and deliver the rare Ulwaat berries to the chef. Noctis then eats the chef’s Tenebraean Ulwaat berry cake and realizes that those berries? They’re the unknown ingredient in those forgotten pastries. Ignis then finalizes his pastry recipe and calls them Memory Lane Pastries, as a homage to Noctis’ past.
FF15′s theme of ‘brotherhood’ and ‘companionship’ centers entirely around the four. Noctis’ spoiled-prince personality leaves him lackadaisical when it comes to his kingly destiny, leaving Ignis to pick up the responsibility slack and Gladio to tackle the hard decisions, and Prompto can only try to keep things light-hearted. It’s no surprise when Noctis doesn’t step up to the plate for far too long, it makes things more tense as the story gets less roadtrip-y and more life-or-death.
Ignis, in particular, shoulders a lot of Noctis’ neglected burdens. He’s the one who sews Noctis’ loose buttons, keeps him fed, drives the car, comes up with infiltration plans, and keeps a cool veneer of ‘dedicated Adult’ of the group. The minute Ignis isn’t as dependable because of a new injury, the group is heavily strained, and young Noctis begins to mature out of necessity.

(Food plays a big role in FF15. Not just for gameplay reasons, but sharing meals - AKA ‘breaking bread’ - is an intimate exchange of rest and digest in a world of flight or fight. And for Ignis, it’s an artistic endeavor that allows him to express his love for his friends. He outright says that he’ll never forget Noctis’ face the first time he cooked for him.)
I’m one of those people who don’t think the four had enough actual bonding moments during the game. Heck, they're often downright cruel to each other. Their affection isn’t usually expressed, either verbally or not. The amount of time spent walking/driving around, you’d think they’d have some more banter that fleshes out their friendship, but that isn’t the case. Not like Dragon Age, where you can really get the vibe of your companions through what they say at regular intervals. In FF15, the banter you’re gonna commonly hear are comments about the weather.
The moments where the four actually bear their hearts to the group can be counted on one hand, one of them being a cutscene midway through the end credits. Very rarely do they cry to each other, or share their insecurities, or touch each other in ways that aren’t quick slaps or fast one-armed tackles. We, the audience, can indeed walk away from FF15 knowing that those four are bros to the end. Why? ‘Cause they say so sometimes. Verbally. while six feet apart cause theyre not gay
But dedication can also be expressed by a character’s decisions, and Ignis’ utter loyalty to Noctis was really cemented by his DLC, Episode Ignis, where he not only verbally says that Noctis is the singularity of his life, but you can see it in his pained eyes, disheveled hair, and bloodied face as he’s forcibly held down while the villain approaches Noctis’ prone body. As a desperate last resort, Ignis trades his eyesight for the power to save Noctis’ life ... and even briefly asks Noctis to abandon his prophecised destiny of sacrificing himself to end the apocalypse.
Ignis makes that choice to not only give up his eyes, but also the rest of the world, if it means Noctis can live. That’s big, coming from a steward that’s very sight-oriented and dedicated to the royal cause.
Memory Lane Pastry is edible evidence of Ignis’ devotion to Noctis. Noctis first tasted those pastries in the city of Tenebrae, where he had spent much of his wheelchair-bound childhood with his intended bride-to-be. Memory Lane Pastry not only represents how far Ignis is willing to go to put a smile on Noctis’ face, but also Noctis’ ephemeral love interest, his childhood already rife with grim duty years before he’d be old enough to comprehend it, and also the near-death injury he got at that age.

(American audiences aren’t as in-tune with ‘duty and royalty’ storylines as other cultures. The idea of being willing to lay your life on the line for a divine king isn’t in our history. Square Enix’s Japanese influence bleeds through not just FF15′s food, setting, and character design, but also through the lack of skinship and duty to blood over friends. A character so simplemindedly dedicated to a superior is very monarchist, very archaic and classical.)
It represents a lot of scary, depressing things about Noctis, but also a lot of hope, too. By the time the player gets this recipe, Noctis and his companions have gone through a sacked kingdom, deaths of friends and family, an empire slowly inching its claws across the land, and a sun that’s getting dimmer and dimmer. But it’s also before Ignis loses his eyes, the four companions splitting up, the world plunges into 10 years of darkness, and Noctis sacrificing himself. As troubled as the early-midgame is, knowing how much worse the last few chapters get makes obtaining this recipe bittersweet.
Which means, yes, we’re making our real-life Memory Lane Pastry actually bittersweet. And heck, the in-game effects of this pastry gives a huge boost to everyone’s magic stats, but also reduces their strength to zero. Gameplay-wise, its an interesting mid/late-game power-up. Meta-wise, it might be saying something about Noctis’ sickly childhood and beloved mage fiancée. Gladiolus, for example, really suffers from this dish, ‘cause he uses shields and greatswords, while Noctis can become super overpowered with the right weapons. If Gladio is the Tank, then Prompto is the Rogue and Ignis the DPS, and Noctis is the mage. Memory Lane Pastry mostly empowers Noctis, which is fitting.
I think it actually makes sense, in hindsight, that our Memory Lane Pastry isn’t super on the sweet side. Looking at everyone’s favorite foods, Noctis doesn’t favor the sweet dishes, instead gravitating towards the meat-and-carb heavy, with rice, egg, cheese, seasoned fish, and as little greens as possible. Memory Lane Pastry is the only sweet he likes.
Heck, all of the boys seem to spare little love for desserts, with Ignis being the only other exception for his love of Orange Chiffon Cake. It’s impressive how knowing their favorite in-game meals can give us some insight into the characters; Prompto loves spicy foods and white meat, with some carryovers from his weight-insecurity days through meals of salads and beans. Gladio’s favorite foods seem to consist of slabs of red meats slapped over an open flame and served on a skewer, plus his obsession with Cup Noodles. Ignis, as the team chef, has an impressive diversity in his favorite dishes, not limited by ingredients or cooking method, and it includes everything from Chinese dumplings, to paella, to gourmet flower-sprinkled caviar spreads.

(Did you know Gladio is only 23, and Ignis 22? The age discrepancy compared to their skill and personalities is so huge, it’s almost laughable. Gladio I can believe, ‘cause it lends credence to his empathy problems and more cruel behavior under duress, but Ignis’ radical acceptance of his new disability is something only age and experience can achieve, not an nearly-teenage boy. When a 30-year-old Noctis suddenly becomes much more competent and emotionally stable, it does look out of the blue, but I also believe that older brains are just ... biologically more capable of stability under immense stress.)
I don’t think Square Enix was trying to hide their obvious Japanese influence from the game, even though FF15 is supposed to take place in a cultureless fantasy world with a lackadaisical haberdashery of real-life influences; a quad of Japanese-speaking, Visual Kei fashion-wearing young men roll down a reddish sand dustbowl, stopping at a gas station diner that looks like it came straight out of Texas route 66, on their way to a city that was modeled after Cuba and Malaysia, later summoning a goddess in Fantasy Venice, leaving their hometown New YoTokyo behind.
The FF15 universe may not have a fully established and unique culture, but it’s obvious from Ignis’ campsite recipes that this game, story, and therefore setting is very Japanese. Most obvious is Ignis’ onigiri and sushi/sashimi recipes, but barring those you still have the tomato-and-egg omelette, the chiffon cakes, the breaded cutlet with tomato sauce, the crustless white spongy bread used for various small sandwiches, all of those an instant dead ringer that screams ‘an Asian person is behind these foods’.
Looking at the entire recipe list, it really does seem like it’s from the mind of a Japanese cook who trained in French cuisine or something, as opposed to an European character with a passing interest in East-Asian foods. There’s no pasta, only one recipe has cheese, what little bread is that crustless and light East-Asian variety, there’s an emphasis on rice, those Chinese-esque dumplings are explicitly originating from their hometown, and all the desserts are the light, spongey/moussey dishes that Japan prefers over denser, richer buttercream cakes. This cultural influence you can take my word for, as a Taiwanese-American that can spot a fluffy white Japanese loaf of (what they call) ‘bread’ from a mile away.
This gives me insight into what real-life ingredients that’ll make up our Ulwaat berry filling. If the four boys are from a Japanese-leaning culture, then what’d be foreign and rare to them? According to my mom and her friends, many more obscure flora of Western cultures were plenty mysterious to them, some from India and adjacent countries, many from South America.
Ulwaat berries, according to their item description, aren’t necessarily from Tenebrae like the dessert recipe is, they’re from an unknown place called Ulwaat and it’s hard to find them anywhere else. So we don’t have to model our real-life Ulwaat pastry filling after what little we see of Tenebrae, ‘cause Ulwaat might be an entirely different country. We can imagine child-Noctis was fed this dessert by Tenebrae royalty, flexing on their ability to procure a rare, foreign ingredient. Like going to Versailles and being served a patisserie topped with Sichuan bayberries, or something.

(Noctis can be surprisingly bratty for a protagonist. He’s relatively kind to his friends, strangers, and animals, but his spoiled nature peeks through once and a while; he hates eating his veggies, he sleeps in as much as he can, he sometimes foregoes prince responsibilities in lieu of video games. But in hindsight, his grumpy lethargy could easily be a sign of anxious depression - after all, no teen wants to be constantly hounded about his father’s inevitable death while training to ascend the throne one day.)
The fruits we’re using for our Memory Lane Pastry - hog plum, fresh camachile, and buddha’s hand - originate from South Asia and Central America, and they’d be mysteriously western to an East-Asian person. They’re obscure enough that you might not have heard of them, but commonplace enough to buy in ethnic groceries (I don’t use ingredients a general audience couldn’t procure). We’re also adding plain strawberries ‘cause Ulwaat is explicitly described as a strawberry, but its taste must be distinctly different from your run of the mill Earliglow, elsewise Noctis couldn’t pinpoint the taste of Ulwaat so fast, used in a completely different cake dish, no less.
But we’re not just adjusting our recipe depending on the ingredient lore, either. We’re taking that extra mile and emulating the cooking method, too. Which isn’t as persnickety a decision as it sounds, replicating recipes becomes another beast entirely when you’re taking into account the evolution of ingredients through centuries of genetic modifying, the method used to prepare and preserve your milk and butter and raw meat, and most importantly; the cooking method. It makes a huge difference whether you’re baking your Ancient Greek roast in a modern electric oven, as opposed to a communal clay oven where you need to first heat using wood, then taking that burning wood out so that it’s only the hot clay walls of the oven baking the dish.
We don’t ever really get to see Ignis’ actual campsite cooking skills in action, so we don’t know how he’s making hand-sized fruit pastry pies on a goddamn campsite using a fucking whole ass grill. It’s all but canon that the boys are carting around all their camping gear through the power of Fantasy Science, using the same disappearing-reappearing summoning technology they use to carry their weapons. So it doesn’t matter that the campsite is 3 miles away from the car, the boys just pull the tent, chairs, tables, grill, tools, and ingredients out of the Armiger whenever it’s time to set up, and then when they pack up in the morning, they just shove it all back in there.
So we don’t have to worry about how, exactly, is Ignis carting around cold butter, a bushel of mushrooms, and eleven different types of fish fillets. If we did, AKA, maybe this was a period fantasy game where our real-life recipe would have to take into account salted preserved butter and sun-dried fish jerky bouncing around in a burlap sack for weeks. But this recipe assumes all the modern conveniences of a upperclass household, with Zaran saffron and pink Himalayan salt on demand.
We can see through cutscenes (and through DLC his ‘Quick Recipeh’ ability) that Ignis is using 20-quart stock pots, divided and non-divided plates/bowls of individual and serving size, what looks like cast iron skillets, various wine bottles, there’s a woven wicker basket at one point, a large square baking pan in another, the silverware have pale wooden handles and the mugs look like brushed metal, plus all the cookware you don’t see like spatulas, tongs, the knives, ladles and wooden stirring spoons, rice steamer, saucepans, mixing bowls, etc. Think about all the tools that go into preparing one of your meals; meat thermometers. Food processors. French press and a kettle. Cutting boards and colanders and meat mallets. To prepare the multitude of recipes he does, Ignis is using an entire kitchen’s worth of tools. And we haven’t even gotten into the ingredients like ice or his cooking oils or how he carries around powdered sugar.

(Ignis’ relationship with food also has another angle, with his love for Ebony-brand coffee. It’s only mentioned once or twice, but it does add some perspective to his hyper-vigilant competence. Just being the designated driver lends a need for caffeine, not to mention his other abilities. And when you remember that the in-game healing items are actually energy drinks infused with Noctis’ magic, you realize that these young men are constantly running around Eos caffeinated out of their minds.)
I don’t know how many of you have ever been camping, but take my word for it that it’s a Decision. My parents dragged me all over the American Rockies and Teton and Yosemite every summer when I was a kid, which is a surefire way to make sure your kid will grow up to hate camping. And in my case, it was backpacking and tent sleeping, not glamping on a camper car. Cooking food on isolated campsites - or heck, even on one of the more populated camping parks - is not easy. You take for granted running water right in the kitchen sink until you have to walk two blocks worth of slippery leaves to the pump, and then lug all that water back multiple times. ‘Cause that water isn’t just for cooking, its for all the cleaning you have to do afterwards and for drinking and then to douse the fire completely.
And that’s just the water issue, you have to manage the fuel and blow your lungs out trying to start the fire, you’re cooking surface is the size of a medium pizza but you’re preparing a meal for multiple hungry people who’ve been stumbling over tree roots and boulders for the past five hours. You have to keep bugs off your food, minimize the dirt and ash and pine needles that creep onto your plate, the fire’s going out and dinner’s only 1/4 cooked. The knives are missing and now the sun is setting and you can’t see. The hamburger buns (and everything else) got soggy from the rain. You caught a fish, congratulations, but now you have to gut it and god forbid if there isn’t a clean river nearby, and the sausages you bought earlier aren’t smelling great ‘cause the ice in the cooler had melted hours before you estimated, plus it’s Camping Law to properly store, clean, and care for your food in ways that don’t invite wild animals in the middle of the night, so you can’t just toss food waste anywhere, those chicken bones and garlic slices and soggy goop at the bottom of the plate aren’t going into a convenient sink garbage disposal, you need to navigate the chilly pitch black of wilderness night to double-bag trash in a bear-proof canister and string it up on a tree or something.
Ignis, in context, is managing all the pains of camp cookery while producing gourmet-quality meals. That’s nothing short of admirable, and maybe even impossible if it wasn’t for the game’s Armiger function. The developers of FF15 had actually created the dishes on a grill and taken the in-game meshes from the food they made, so we know it’s possible to cook all those recipes using camping tools. Which is impressive enough, even not taking into consideration Ignis making a full ass meal at 1am after fighting 15 basilisks.
So if we’re making our Memory Lane Pastries on a grill, we’re gonna have to take a leaf from Ignis’ book and bust out the proper tools, even if modern day campers might not have access to them. I don’t know if the boys are using a gas or charcoal grill - appearance-wise it looks more like a charcoal grill with no attached tank, but meta-wise small tanks of condensed propane would be more convenient, cheaper, easier to get, and cleaner for the boys to use, and also not make the pies taste like smoke. And heck, who’s to say its either or? This is Final Fantasy, after all, maybe its a ‘fire magic’ deal, or some sort of new technology.

(All four boys have a special relationship with food. Ignis’ background with cuisine is clear, Noctis is a sparse, picky eater, Gladio’s love of camping and protein comes through, but Prompto has a unique struggle with caloric intake and how it defines his worth. Eating, to him, must always be monitored if he doesn’t want to revert back to being a worthless fat kid - worthless BECAUSE he’s fat. And even with his current waifish figure, he still questions his worth to the group, which probably flares highest whenever he eats.)
But the struggle between ‘open flame’ and ‘hot coals’ is gonna make a difference in our recipe replica. Baking on a charcoal grill is easier ‘cause it’ll function something like a pre-electicity oven. Putting raw pastries over open flames is gonna burn the crust fast ‘cause of the butter and sugar. So if Ignis is baking cakes and pies on a grill, he’d be using something akin to distributed embers. I don’t think their grill can actually double as a proper oven with heated walls, and I can’t picture him putting together a temporary cinderblock-and-clay oven near the campsite whenever he wants to bake something.
In our case, our biggest worry is burned pies. We need to heat our charcoal until they’re white, then make sure there isn’t too much, or too little before raking them into a shape best fit for our baking pan - there needs to be a wide berth of distance between the raw pastries and the coals, so an even spread on the bottom is one method, or you can try the ‘snake’ method around the circumference. Either way, it’s better to risk a bit of unsightly char over raw dough, but once blackening they’ll burn fast so keep an eye on things.
We’ve got a cupcake tray ready, we’ve got a refrigerator and ice and cold butter on hand, we have fresh cream and alcohol and eggs and a handheld mixer, because Ignis is indeed using these same tools. In the Final Fantasy XV world, camping food isn’t limited to reheated pouches if you’ve got magical technology.
So now that we’re prepped and informed, its time to make our pastries! Make the Ulwaat berry filling first. You’re basically cooking it all down until it becomes thick and a dark red/purplish brown. Hog plums are indigenous to South America, and you’re most likely to find the jarred and canned varieties. They’re crisp and sour like Granny Smith apples, and the pectin is needed to properly thicken our fruit filling without the use of corn starch. Camachile you usually find dried, but we’re shelling and cooking fresh ones, and they’re sharp and tart, almost metallic. We’re zesting the Buddha’s Hand and giving the mix its pleasant, aromatic lemon taste. And strawberries are gonna make up the bulk of the fruit filling; make sure to pit and slice them before throwing it all together.
Now its time to make the dough. It’s your typical pie crust, so cut together the cold butter with the flour and salt, using cold hands and cold tools. Add the ice water a tablespoon at a time until the mixture can just about hold its own shape. Be careful not to overmix or melt the butter too much, or it won’t be flakey. Having chunks of solid butter dotting the mixture is a good thing. Cover the bowl and put it in the fridge for an hour.
Then the cream; you just mix it all together and blast it with the mixer until it forms stiff peaks, and if you don’t think Ignis I’m-A-Slut-For-Orange-Flavored-Desserts Scientia isn’t carrying around a bottle of Grand Marnier on this camping trip, you’re wrong.
Then, you’ll need to prep the grill; use whatever method you wish to get the ideal temperature. I use hardwood charcoal, with dry pine cones and paper for the tinder. It’ll be a big open flame for maybe 15-20 minutes, then its properly white. For my purposes, I ended up using perhaps five cups worth of charcoal to achieve an even oven-like heat, but initially I burned around ten cups of charcoal and then later took half of it out. Rake the coals in an even, distributed spread. Cover the grill with the vent open for now.
Once the fruit filling has cooled to room temperature, oil and dust a cupcake tray with flour. A typical 12-cup muffin tin will work fine, but in theory you can use tiny 18-hole ones or big 6-pot ones, whatever you want. The in-game Memory Lane Pastry cutscene includes a shot where Ignis apparently made a huge pile of pastries, like 20 of them, but we can’t make that many at a time unless you’ve got a massive grill and multiple muffin tins. Take the pastry dough out of the fridge and quickly line each cup with a line layer of dough, not quite reaching the top.
Fill the pies, then cover them with a circle of more pastry dough so that they’re just about reaching the top edge of each cup. Ignis’ pies seem to have a ridged pattern around the edges, and you can definitely achieve that with a small pointed tool, like the back end of a fork, or a rounded chopstick.
Finally, you’ll poke a slit through the top of each pie, and cover them with a little egg wash. You can use a thermometer to estimate the temperature of the charcoal grill of around 400f, but alternatively you can stick your hand above the heat and if its too hot to hold for more than four seconds, then its ready. Too cool, add some more charcoal and wait a bit longer. Too hot, close the vent to kill the flames for a minute.
Bake for 25 minutes, 15 if you’re making smaller pastries. The heat’s not gonna be constant the whole time, that’s the truth of non-electric ovens. But that’s okay, so long as you’re not removing the cover of the grill and lowering the temperature, the pies should get fully golden brown.
Once done, remove from the heat and wait until they cool before drizzling your plate with some chocolate sauce, sprinkling a heavy layer of powdered sugar atop each pastry, and plating with a dollop of cream and garnishes.
Finally, our pastries are done! On first bite, the camachile’s astringency hits you first, followed by a familiar strawberry flavor that’s tarted up thanks to the hog plum, and the Buddha’s Hand zest leaves that citron oil aftertaste. It really does taste like some sort of sourer, slightly metallic strawberry. The orange cream and powdered sugar adds just the right sweetness to a bittersweet dessert, so it fits Noctis’ preference for things not being too sugary.
The amount of work it takes to bake pastries in a camping setting (even with use of the Armiger) is streneous, and it only goes to showcase Ignis’ love for Noctis. One childhood memory, a mere whim of sugary delight? Ignis - and his friends - will happily go that extra mile to make Noctis happy. A nostalgic silver lining.

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2021.10.25 21:13 CheesecakeCreepy5953 ADVANCE EPIGENETIC EXAM [NEGOTIABLE PRICE ~150$/exam]

I have a course that's on epigenetics and it is a project-based and journal article-based courses that have exams and each exam opens for 6 days. i don't have the exact old exam since this course is new and re-design every year. I can provide syllabus. Only Bio or Biochem major contact me.
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2021.10.25 21:13 nbhu2kiiq new to street fighter from tekken

I just started playing street fighter coming from a tekken background and struggling big time. I've been struggling big time with Guile as a lot of people say he is easy to start with but the whole charging back/forward and down/up is messing me up. Is Guile an easy character for beginners? If not, what would you recommend coming from a 3d fighting game like virtua fightetekken?
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2021.10.25 21:13 333mgm888 arca - peonies

detuned piano with a flanger effect maybe?
I already have a similar sound but I don't know how to give it that effect
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2021.10.25 21:13 PearsGallumbit Rotoscoping from video legality?

Hello, I'm working on an animation that requires dancing references, I cut together a reference video that includes 4 different youtube videos with dancing references in them, and I'm rotoscoping over the dancers. There's probably about 10 seconds of each clip mixed in, and I was wondering if this is legally okay? The original videos won't be shown in any capacity and they're spliced together so no whole clip plays at once. I'm not 100% sure about copyright stuff in this situation, any help would be appreciated.
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