Bounty Brawl Group Stage, Group A and B starting now! ByuN/Thor and AqueroN/Raza up first!

2021.09.25 19:52 kirby561 Bounty Brawl Group Stage, Group A and B starting now! ByuN/Thor and AqueroN/Raza up first!

The Group Stage of the Team Gosu Bounty Brawl is starting now! Each match is worth $20 with an additional $20 for making it out of the group. The top 2 of each group will move on to the final round of 8 next week with first place winning up to $570!
Group A (Today): ByuN, AqueroN, Raza, Thor
Group B (Today): ArT, Gerald, Ruiyichi, Ukko
Group C (Tomorrow): Kelazhur, Bistork, Krystianer, Password
Group D (Tomorrow): TriGGeR, Maplez, YoungYakov, Ziomek
Streams (English) (English) (French)
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2021.09.25 19:52 svanapps r/cardano - Cardano Summit in Cape Town

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2021.09.25 19:52 SSQ_LunarFlare How would I go about changing this current color to a shade of dark/light brown? It was light red at the beginning, now it’s begun to fade and I personally don’t like this color

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2021.09.25 19:52 ewaka101 Azelf raid adding 10. Add 8458 2694 4851 or 8157 2996 0937

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2021.09.25 19:52 Head_Coyote432 best places to see fall foliage??

i missed it last year and would love to drive around and see it this year. any places to drive around?
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2021.09.25 19:52 lordduranduran Peace Talks at the Gate of Storm's End

Baldric needed to sleep. The march to Griffin’s Roost had been long and hard, but it was nothing compared to the battle itself and the bloody retreat back north. He had hoped the safety of Storm’s End and the familiarity of his tower room would allow him to finally rest, but in the day since their return to the great castle, he’d not gotten so much as an hour of sleep.
“Gods,” he groaned, sitting up on his bed. He ran a hand through his hair and looked up at the chandelier that hung in the center of his room. The candles were all but burned down completely. He glanced at the half-finished game of tiles he’d been playing against himself on his bedside table, but he couldn’t bring himself to finish it or to put it up.
His gaze landed on his mirror once again, and he gave a heavy sigh. Rising, he wrung a tangled sheet from his bed and draped it over his reflection. If he would get no comfort from his covers, they may as well keep him from having to look at the gray bags under his eyes and how gaunt he’d gotten. He had always thought he was too skinny, but marching through the snow had shrunken him somehow.
I look like a rotting scarecrow, he thought, scratching at the tiny patches of stubble on his cheek. He stretched as he shifted over to the window and nestled himself on the sill.
As the sun rose over the bay, the army outside Baldric’s window was drowned in the black shadow of Storm’s End. He drummed his fingers on the cold stone of the windowsill as he looked down at the men that were here to kill them. The colors of their banners were muted by the shade; the drone of their drums was carried up to him on the wind.
How long Baldric sat, staring down at the tents and trenches and the beginnings of trebuchets, he couldn’t say. But before he knew it, the sun was climbing higher into the sky, casting its light across the encampment. As sun glinted violently off the tips of swords and spears and shields, Baldric’s eyes drifted to the purple and black pavillion in the center. It was a canvas castle, dwarfing the other structures.
Baldric doubted he would be able to make out his father’s face from this distance even if Lord Uthor were to emerge from the folds of the pavilion. Though, in truth, he doubted that he would have recognized his father’s face from five feet away.
A knock on the door stirred Baldric from his vigil. He rose from the windowsill where he’d been perched.
“Come in,” he said, his voice cracking. Shit. He hated that.
The door opened and Bowen, the castle’s steward, stepped in.
Though Bowen offered a polite enough Good morning, Baldric couldn’t help but bristle a bit at the man’s presence. He had never cared much for Bowen, but his dislike for him had solidified when Orys handed Baldric a stack of letters that the steward had been keeping from him. Every time he saw Bowen now, Baldric thought of him intercepting his letters from his family, and it made his blood boil.
“Lord Orys has need of you, my young lord,” Bowen said, peering around the room. His gaze lingered on the sheet draped over the mirror, but he didn’t inquire about it. “A bath has been drawn for you, and clothes laid out.”
“What’s happening?” Baldric asked.
“When you’re dressed and ready, I’ll be waiting for you outside of the main hall,” Bowen said. “Don’t dawdle.”
If it weren’t for the looming dread, the bath might have been refreshing. The hot water was a balm for his sore muscles from the past fortnight he’d spent in the saddle, and the scouring scrub got rid of all the grime of the road. Yet all while he soaked, his eyes lingered on the clothes draped on a nearby hook. A fine purple tunic with a black forked lightning bolt embroidered on the chest.
After he toweled himself off and pulled on his trousers, Baldric hesitated and held the tunic up, examining it. He ran his fingers along the fabric. There were tiny little white stars embroidered into the sleeves, so finely wrought. that he hadn’t even noticed them at first. Simply put, it was more beautiful than anything Baldric had ever worn. But more than that, it was unmistakably Dondarrion, unlike anything the Conningtons had provided him in all these years as a ward of their house.
I’d have worn something like this every day of my life, he thought, If I could have stayed in Blackhaven.
He allowed himself only a moment to linger on the thought before shaking it off and drawing the tunic over his head.
Barreling down the steps, he emerged, squinting against the morning sun, onto the front steps of the castle.
“There you are.” Bowen said haughtily. “I told you not to dawdle, and yet--”
“The gate!” Baldric exclaimed in a sudden panic.
The boy pointed down the steps and towards the outer wall, where a great arching gate was carved out. Early yesterday morning, when they had reached the safety of Storm’s End, the drawbridge had been raised and the portcullis lowered, closing them off from any pursuers. He’d had no doubt the assailants would ram the gate and try to bust it down, but he couldn’t believe what he was seeing now-- sunlight, reflecting off the snow on the other side of the gate.
The drawbridge was completely lowered.
“Yes, yes, nevermind that,” Bowen said. “Here.”
He thrust a silver tray into Baldric’s hands.
“Steady, now,” Bowen said. “Don’t go spilling that.”
Baldric looked down at what he’d just been given. It was a flagon of deep, red wine and two ruby-encrusted goblets. Before he could ask one of the dozen questions in his mind, Bowen gripped him by the upper arm and began hurriedly guiding him down the steps and across the yard.
The yard was filled with soldiers, and the battlements littered with archers, but Baldric kept his focus on the gate ahead of him. The drawbridge was lowered, and he could see figures on it, but the portcullis was still down, obscuring his view. As he got closer, though, he could see between the metal bars. There was a table, with two men sitting at it.
The man on the far side of the table, facing the gate, rose.
“What is the meaning of this?” he asked, his voice harsh and gruff.
“Sit down, Uthor,” said the man with his back to the gate. Baldric knew Orys’ voice at once.
Baldric had slowed down, peering through the gate. His heart was pounding as the pieces came together in his head. Bowen gave a sharp click of the tongue, though, and drew Baldric towards the sally port.
“You’re just to pour their drinks,” the steward said pointedly. “That’s it. Do you understand?”
Baldric glanced back towards the portcullis, but he was at a bad angle now and could no longer see Orys and his guest.
“Yes,” Baldric answered finally.
Bowen made a short sound of understanding before opening the sally port door and ushering Baldric through.
“What in the seven hells do you think you’re doing?”
It was his father speaking. Baldric looked at him dumbly, taking in his salt-and-pepper hair and his dark, angry brow. He recognized him, but only by reputation, and by the clothes he wore. Perhaps there was something familiar about his steely grey eyes, but Baldric wasn’t convinced he wasn’t just imagining that.
Lord Uthor wasn’t speaking to him; the accusation was directed at Orys who was still seated at the table someone must have dragged out onto the drawbridge for this meeting.
“I thought we could use a drink,” Orys said impatiently. “Now sit the fuck down, and let us talk.”
That was when Lord Uthor turned to look at him. Baldric found himself stuck to the spot; all he could do was stare back and study this man’s face.
He was older than Baldric had been imagining. Not quite as tall as he had expected, not quite as broad. His pale cheeks were sunken and gaunt, and he was leaning on a cane. The Lightning Lord, it seemed to Baldric, was a man who did not quite live up to the tales about him.
Orys gave a frustrated wave of his hand in Uthor’s direction and finally, the man sat back down.
“Say hello to your father, Baldric,” Orys said curtly. “And pour us some wine, while you’re at it.”
Baldric stepped towards the table. He could hear the goblets rattling on the tray, and he cursed his shaking hands. He took a breath, refusing to let his voice crack, or come out shaky like the tray.
“Hello, my lord,” Baldric managed. Somehow ‘Father’ didn’t feel right.
He set the tray down on the table and placed a goblet before each of the men. He could feel Lord Uthor’s eyes on him as he poured, and Baldric could see from the corner of his eyes that there was a slack-jawed sort of look on his face, but he couldn’t bring himself to make eye contact with him.
“Baldric…” Uthor murmured, sounding as if he was half in a dream.
“A bit taller than when you last saw him,” Orys said. He thanked Baldric and picked up his cup, taking a sip before continuing. “He looks so much like you. At least, I’ve always thought so. Reminds me a lot of you at his age.”
With the drinks poured, Baldric turned to leave, but saw the sally port had been closed behind him. Besides, Orys was calling him back.
“Don’t go anywhere, Baldric,” he said easily. “I’ll be needing a refresh on this wine before too long. Besides, don’t you want to have a few words with your father? It’s been-- what, now? Seven years? Something like that, I believe.”
“These theatrics are a new low for you,” Uthor growled, leaving his goblet untouched as he leaned forward, his palms pressed hard against the table. “That you would use a child to threaten me.”
“This isn’t a threat, Uthor. It’s a reminder,” Orys snapped back. “Because while you’ve been sacking keeps and slaughtering stormlanders, you seem to have forgotten what’s at stake for you and your friends. You all must hate me quite a lot to throw your childrens’ lives away just to kill me.”
“You killed my son!” Uthor bellowed, slamming a fist on the table.
That’s not true, Baldric thought. Alyn killed Durran. Orys had nothing to do with it! But when Orys spoke, he didn’t even bother to deny it.
“And you’ve two more left to lose,” Orys answered. “And more hostages, besides. Would Durran want you to condemn them all to death? Does that honor his memory?”
When Uthor spoke, his voice was a low, venomous sort of whisper. “Don’t you dare speak to me about honoring Durran’s memory. Don’t you dare say his name.”
Orys was quiet for a moment. He took a long sip of wine, and then glanced at Uthor’s still untouched goblet. “Go on, Uthor,” he said, the edge out of his voice. “Have a drink.”
Frowning, Uthor examined the goblet. He reached out to pick it up and brought it up to his nose to sniff.
Does he think it’s poisoned? Baldric wondered. Does he think Orys would use me to poison him? Lord Uthor was certainly wearing a suspicious, disapproving look on his face.
“You’ve always had shit taste in wine,” was all Uthor said, though. And he took a slow sip.
Orys chuckled dryly. “Blame the Baratheons. I didn’t stock the wine cellar; I only inherited it.”
“When you betrayed them,” Uthor replied quickly, though he said it with mild indifference, seemingly more focused on taking another sip of wine. He made a face at the taste of it, but took another sip anyways.
“Oh, come off it,” Orys said with a crooked smile. “I know you didn’t shed any tears for Harys. You’re just still upset you didn’t think to go over to the Lannisters before me.”
“You always were a lapdog for the Lions.”
“That’s rich. I hear you and Queen Danae have become fast friends.”
“I’d rather a dragon in my corner than a lion,” Uthor said softly, quirking his brow. “Wouldn’t you?”
Baldric looked between them as they shot back and forth. It was as if he’d evaporated, with how little mind they were both paying him. He kept waiting for them to blow up again, half-expecting one or the other to jump across the table and go for the throat, but after a while of dour expressions and glowering silence, Orys let out a quiet chuckle, and a hint of a smile crept in at the corner of Uthor’s lips.
“I suppose I would,” Orys allowed. He went to take another sip, but found his goblet empty. “Baldric, would you mind?” he asked, holding it out towards him.
As Baldric topped off both goblets, Uthor spoke again, his voice still deep and gruff, yet somehow warmer. “I hate you for this, Orys,” he said, sounding almost fond. “Look what you’ve brought us to. You were a brother to me once, you know.”
“I know,” Orys said. “If I’d known what Alyn was going to do, he would never have set foot in Blackhaven. But it didn’t have to come to war, Uthor. That was your doing. Don’t lay that at my doorstep.”
“Yes, it did. Yes, it did,” Uthor mumbled, like some sort of quiet mantra, a prayer.
“Well, it’s gone far enough,” Orys answered, voice hard as stone again. “Let’s end it. Here and now. Today.”
It was Uthor’s turn to chuckle, but it was a cold, dry sound. He straightened up in his seat and glared imperiously back at Orys. “What’s your plan? Single combat?
“I think we’re both a bit old for that, don’t you?”
Uthor’s slate-grey eyes narrowed. “If my leg weren’t half-broken, I would cut you down before you could stand.”
“Really, Uthor?” Orys asked scornfully. “What I meant was-- let’s discuss terms.”
“Terms,” Uthor repeated with a bark of laughter.
“Surrender,” Orys instructed him. “Disband and denounce your rebellion. The wards will remain with me until they reach their majority, and if their houses have given me no further cause to doubt their loyalty, they can return to their families. You, your son Maldon, Willas Estermont, Corliss Caron and the rest of your lords and generals will be allowed to take the black and live out your days on the Wall as members of the Night’s Watch. Your daughters will join the Faith. Baldric will inherit Blackhaven.”
Uthor listened, silent and sullen. Beneath his black-and-gray beard, his jaw tightened more with every word until Baldric became genuinely worried that Uthor would shatter his teeth.
“That’s generous of you,” Uthor growled.
“I think it’s more than generous, Uthor. Accept; they’re the best terms you’re like to get.”
Say yes, Baldric was pleading. Say yes. He wanted to shout it, but something was holding him back. He couldn’t turn the thoughts to words.
“I have terms for you,” Uthor finally said.
Orys sighed. “That’s enough,” he said, waving a hand. “Baldric, take these back inside. We're through here.”
When Baldric reached down to put the goblets back on the tray, Uthor’s hand shot out and grabbed him tightly by the wrist.
Orys jumped to his feet, and Baldric heard a commotion on the battlements behind him. No doubt the archers were aiming down at them, but Baldric couldn’t pull his eyes away from Lord Uthor. The man was still seated, leaning towards Baldric. There was a wild look in his eyes, something desperate.
“We're through when I say we're through,” he said, something dangerous in his voice.
“Let go of him,” Orys thundered impatiently. "You damn fool."
“One Dondarrion boy wasn't enough for you. The only son you made was a fool and a craven, so you mean to steal mine,” Uthor continued in a fervent whisper. Lord Uthor’s grip was so tight, Baldric could feel his hand starting to go numb.
“Is that what you want, Uthor?” Orys asked, leering from across the table. “If I returned Baldric to you, would you put an end to this folly?”
Baldric watched as the light came back to his father’s eyes, as his slack jaw tensed and tightened. He looked at Orys like he was facing down a devil.
“You’d like that,” Uthor said in a dark undertone. “But I’m here for your head, Orys. There’s no threat you can make, no bargain you can propose. There’s nowhere left for you to run, you damned craven, and I’ll burn this castle down around you before I--”
As Uthor continued his curses, his grip loosened on Baldric’s wrist until he released him entirely, choosing instead to lean forward and press his fists into the table as he glared across at Orys.
Orys, for his part, was turning away, making some slight signal.
The sally port creaked open and two guards emerged. At the sight, Uthor rose, clutching his cane.
He gave a bitter bark of laughter and shouted, “You called me here with promise of safe passage! Is this a trap? I ought to have known.”
They ignored him, though. Instead, they moved towards Baldric. Each Connington guard took Baldric by an arm and began to escort him back into Storm’s End.
Baldric saw Uthor start after him, that wild look back in his eyes, but something gave the Lightning Lord pause. He was looking up at the battlements now, and he froze, leaning against the table for support.
“You'll pay for this, Orys!” Uthor called. “I'll erase the name Connington from the godsdamned history books!”
Baldric made no attempt to resist; he turned and walked along with the guards.
The guards ushered him through the door. Orys was not far behind them. He appeared a few moments later, laying a hand on Baldric’s shoulder.
“Sorry to spring that on you, son,” he said. “You understand why it needed to be done, don’t you? Your father, he’s-- he’s gone mad. I thought seeing you might… Well, you understand.”
Baldric couldn’t quite look him in the eye, but he nodded. “Mhm,” he murmured. “I'd like to return to my room. Do I have your leave?”
Orys was quiet for a moment. Baldric could feel his eyes on him. Finally, he gave Baldric a short, affirmative grunt and a sharp pat on the shoulder. With that, Baldric crossed the yard and began the long ascent back to his tower cell.
In the light of the midday sun, from his seat on the sill, Baldric could make out the besieger’s camp more clearly. His father’s colors were everywhere. My colors, Baldric thought, glancing at his own vague reflection in the window. He hadn’t yet removed the Dondarrion tunic Orys had left him.
Baldric watched a man far below, behind the trenches and the pikes, hammering away at the skeleton of a trebuchet. He was busy about his work, assembling the great weapon with the care of a master craftsmen. The carpenter was dressed in a warm, heavy shirt to guard himself against the late winter chill. The shirt was a deep purple on the left side, a dark black on the other.
My colors, Baldric thought, resting his forehead against the windowpane. Somehow, that was little comfort to him.
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2021.09.25 19:52 thathousebruh [US][SELLING] Aot, Naruto, etc

Selling some manga i’m not really interested in. I’d be willing to split if enough people want individual volumes but i prefer to sell as a set. Shipping not included.
Aot: 13-17 - $45
(Mostly G4 but vol 13 is G3)
Naruto: 1-5,7,12,13,17,18 -$80 (negotiable)
(Some have yellowing but mostly G4/G5)
Fairy Tail: 1-6 -$50
(1-4 have minor tears but 5,6 are G4)
Transformers: 1 -$20
Sailor Moon: 6 - $4
Fairy Tail:
Sailor Moon:
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2021.09.25 19:52 Reaper_YT64 I haven’t been In a game without my teammates disconnecting from the dogshit servers

Like wtf, you want people to pour money into your game but you won’t do anything to fix it. Out of the 20 matches I’ve played today, 5 of them my teammates were connected.
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2021.09.25 19:52 LackmustestTester Scary Warming Everywhere Elsewhere

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2021.09.25 19:52 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.25 19:52 degradation_domain Here comes the Squirrel

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2021.09.25 19:52 No-Nerve-840 Could I increase my hand and head size with HGH?

I've heard that bodybuilders take HGH to build muscle and recover faster but some side effects are the increase in hand size and head growth. I have extremely small hands for a man. Could I cycle it for a year or so and see notable differences?
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2021.09.25 19:52 SnakeTreats Can I brine salmon too long?

I just started brining a salmon fillet in brown sugar, salt, and pepper and was planning on doing it 8 hours and it would be perfect for dinner time. My friend just brought me an awesome tri tip to smoke tonight for a ufc party instead though. If I want to smoke my salmon tomorrow instead, should I leave it in the brine until then or pull it out or what’s the best way to save it until tomorrow if I’ve already started to brine?
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2021.09.25 19:52 no_moar_red RC Is our chair, DFV is the messiah, Dr. Trimbath is teaching us sign language, and Christian bale can go fkuc himself

Getting a little sick of praise posts. We are not hormonal teenagers looking for a father figure or hero. We are fucking gorillas taking back our economy and way of life! It's ok to joke around and shit post, but we CAN NOT go around declaring random CEOs and news anchors "apefather" or whatever bullshit.
There are NO HEROS in war, its nothing but savagery. The real heros will appear through the clouds when the war is over, helping the victims hit the hardest.
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2021.09.25 19:52 joanneroadie Am I cute in braids and glasses?

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2021.09.25 19:52 wet_suit_one I was raped at university. Here's why I never reported it

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2021.09.25 19:52 Uffffffg Pain

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2021.09.25 19:52 MajorRasta Boruto in Skyrim Episode #8 2021 HD

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2021.09.25 19:52 Environmental_Log273 How ULTRAKILL color palettes change different locations of the game

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2021.09.25 19:52 voqkez Looking for a maxed out or close to maxed out acc for around $30 (that’s around my budget) we can possibly negotiate dm if interested

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2021.09.25 19:52 BigAu7ist My problems with squigame

Hello, i watched all the episodes of squidgame today and I quite liked it besides some things. 1. When they tried figuring out what games they were going to play, why did nobody look at the walls, like it had pictures of every game they played. Why didn't the failed bussinessman tell the main character about the sugar game. 2. The currency, how much was the prize in euros? 3. I watch alot of cinema summary (the dude who makes videos of like how to beat a death game or a movie, so the glass bridge game triggered me so much, like any person with a working brain would've seen that you can just walk to the other side on the middle parts, and why didn't they throw their shoes on the glass to see if it cracks?
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2021.09.25 19:52 linds3ybinds3y Selling a Viola by Wtoo, Size 4/6, for $650

You can find the listing on StillWhite: And feel free to message me if you have any questions!
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2021.09.25 19:52 01101001010010 Got a little bit of a chipped paint going. Touch up paint is good and all but what would be the ideal permanent solution? Buff it off and color match it? Or is there a better solution?

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2021.09.25 19:52 DramaGuy23 Sure enough

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2021.09.25 19:52 Typical_Cow2631 Twine Peaks storm shield help

Hi everyone, I recently decided to go back to save the world and max everything out. I completed the storyline but i didn’t finish my canney valley and twine peaks storm shield missions. My power level is 119 and i got some pretty good weapons. If anyone wouldn’t mind jumping on and helping me out or just giving any advice about weapons etc - that would be awesome ! I play on ps4 and live in the UK btw
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