Finally figured out who asked

2021.09.25 21:44 lethalgains Finally figured out who asked

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2021.09.25 21:44 WxBlue [Jones] The Cardinals set a record today! Most runs walked in in a single season — 29.

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2021.09.25 21:44 TakeTheWs How does this work?

How do you make you camera angle like this?

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2021.09.25 21:44 Inferius7 VIOFO A119 V3 2K vs VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K

I have been wanting to get a dash cam for the better part of a year now but I can never decide. I have seen a ton of positives about the [VIOFO A119 V3 2K](VIOFO A119 V3 2K Dash Cam 2560x1440P Quad HD+ Car Dash Camera, Ultra Clear Night Vision, 140-Degree Wide Angle, GPS Included, Buffered Parking Mode, True HDR, Motion Detection, G-Sensor, Time Lapse and the [VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K](VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K Dual Dash Cam 3840 x 2160P Ultra HD 4K Front and 1080P Rear Car WiFi Dash Camera Sony 8MP Sensor GPS, Buffered Parking Mode, G-Sensor, Motion Detection, WDR, Loop Recording
I don’t currently drive too much but work decided that we will be traveling again soon so I will be driving 2-3 times a week for work and I want to be sure that I have a dash cam that will be able to capture good quality video.
Which would you go with? I’m open to other opinions, these are just the two that I have been leaning towards.
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2021.09.25 21:44 surf3r2k21 Anyone with background knowledge on CCISP certification? Proctored exam.$$

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2021.09.25 21:44 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.25 21:44 IEatBeans22 The rivalry matchup nobody talks about

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2021.09.25 21:44 HotWetSam Question about Toys Wonderland preorders

I've used TW to purchase in stock items, but never for preorders so I had a question regarding batches. I understand first batch, but is 2nd batch equivalent to just ordering from Sideshow as far as timeliness? Or is 2nd batch still earlier than waiting for Sideshow? Thanks I'm advanced for anyone who can help.
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2021.09.25 21:44 duckdae Suggestions for encounters & plots when I (GM) strand my player on a primitive planet

I am GM'ing a one-on-one scenario. I was introduced to TTRPG's thirty years ago when I was 11, and played for about ten years, but have taken the past 20 years or so off. I recently reconnected with an old friend who is DM'ing a Pathfinder campaign for me. We are using the mechanics of Star wars D6, but aside from a Galactic Empire, and a Rebellion, not much else is similar to Star Wars. I ahven't seen the new movies, and have not read any of the new books--although I read everything up to, and including the NJO (terrible, by the way).
Any reminders are welcome.
I have the PC following a long-term enemy out to a remote planet. PC loses space combat, and crash lands on a planet with a primitive civilization. His ship is destroyed, supplies are limited, his droid (Translator & slicer abilities) needs repairs, but is partially functional.
As the ship's computer is damaged, he is only able to download a fragmentary planet map. He has three days of food and water, the droid's legs have been severed in the crash, so he must carry what's left.
I am thinking of crashing the PC in a rocky desert with hot days and cold nights. He will set out for a distant mountain range where there is a probable water source.
What then?

Other ideas welcome!
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2021.09.25 21:44 meatwad75892 As you migrate services using Exchange Online mailboxes from basic authentication to Modern Authentication, be very cautious of giving away too much access

I'd been reaching out to my organization's subdepartments that have their own IT personnel, and updating them with every Microsoft announcement on basic authentication's retirement such as the one this past week. Some of them use their own ticketing systems and other on-prem or cloud services that leverage mailboxes in Exchange Online for email functionality, but with IMAP/EWS/EAS and basic authentication.
One department reached out for assistance in swapping out EWS/basic auth in Lansweeper for their mail profile that uses Graph. They don't have a gallery AAD application with user-driven OAuth consent, but instead ask that you create an AAD app registration and use application-based permissions with either a certificate or client secret for authentication. Easy enough, right?
By default they want you to give the app registration full read/write access and sending access to every single mailbox in your tenant. This unit's Lansweeper is literally only using one mailbox for storing mail and sending mail.
Now to be completely fair, this may be restricted down to specific mailboxes by an Exchange Online application access policy, and Lansweeper does have a tip in the above documentation that says as much, with a link to instructions on doing that very thing. But if I'm being completely honest, I missed that tip on the first go. As I was creating the app registration, I did a double-take and thought "wait a minute, these permissions are for read/write access to all mailboxes... and is inherently scoped to everything..." I then made an Exchange app access policy and confirmed access to any mailbox other than the intended mailbox was being denied. It just seems crazy that if I just glanced past this or was less observant or having an off-day, I could have given this Lansweeper appliance the ability to, in theory, do literally anything it wanted to some 40,000+ mailboxes.
TL;DR - So as you start moving away from basic auth for special services from now until October 2022, quadruple-check vendors' documentation and make sure you're not giving away access to your whole org to any one app registration. Graph is powerful, yo.
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2021.09.25 21:44 daisyberry24 Boyfriend (31m) basically says it’s none of my business if he wants to vent about our relationship to his girl best friend

My boyfriend (31m) and I (36f) met on Tinder in January. He met his girl best friend the same way about 4 yrs ago. They dated, were intimate once but he said she’s absolutely not his type. She has a boyfriend now as well.
I don’t talk to my friends about my relationships, because I know they would always choose my side. And I especially would never talk to a person of the other sex about it, I feel it undermines the relationship. I‘ve recently been part of conversations in which guys have criticized their girlfriends to me, and I absolutely disliked it, thought it was kind of disrespectful and explicitly told my boyfriend this as well.
So here’s what happened: I‘ve successfully sold a few companies a while back and am in a financially stable situation in which I don’t need to work. Honestly, I love the current freedom and don’t know what to do next. I have ideas every day, headhunters approach me as well- and the spectrum goes from doing my phd to starting a new company. I love this freedom, I love brainstorming about different perspectives.
My boyfriend now told me he‘s annoyed at me for being so unclear about what I want. He finds it very unattractive and dislikes this particular character trait of mine.
When his girl best friend called him today, he told her exactly that. How annoying I am for not being able to make a decision and so on.
First off, both of them are in their early 30s, and at the very beginning of their career. I had one already. I was successful. So, I‘m upset at my boyfriend for not cutting me some slack in the first place. But that he now complained to his girl best friend about my personal life choices makes me really angry.
When I told him it really upsets me, he said if his best friend asks about the status of our relationship, he‘s not going to keep quiet. How I handle this with my friends is my decision, how he does with his is up to him.
I‘m not sure what to make of this statement, I feel like my thoughts about this are personal. I feel it is my business if I‘m the one he‘s talking about. Should I just drop it and accept that he has a different way of approaching this? Or should I continue telling him how angry it makes me?
TL;DR boyfriend talked to his girl best friend about troubles in our relationship and basically said it’s none of my business if he does so.
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2021.09.25 21:44 METALRULESMAN78 A little drawing a did in a class a while back. I like it

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2021.09.25 21:44 Hazafraz She’s dead 😩

My 2013’s engine seized last weekend. I was so pissed. Check your oil people!
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2021.09.25 21:44 serenaastewart Looking for critical care nursing: diagnosis and management 9th edition - Linda D. Urden

Need for a class. PDF would be great!
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2021.09.25 21:44 Tonyg721 Could this be Brian Laundrie

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2021.09.25 21:44 ASICmachine Check GLX at DEXTools! Price: $0.00625 (x-post from /r/SatoshiStreetBets)

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2021.09.25 21:44 MugShots DPS Alert

DPS Alert Debris E SUMMERLIN PKWY and N BUFFALO DR; WE #3 TL 09/25/2021 12:40:21 PM
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2021.09.25 21:44 bitterdropout Help

Guys i'm looking for the songs names list of the mary anne hobbs' bbc radio 1 (19 december 2007) pleaassee
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2021.09.25 21:44 MIKl124 Stfu i need to download linux mobile

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2021.09.25 21:44 SkyFeeler Some test from one random redditor

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2021.09.25 21:44 ASICmachine Fomo Fomo Fomo always and Forever 😉🤑 (x-post from /r/SatoshiStreetBets)

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2021.09.25 21:44 Femilip MISSING: Miya Marcano, 19, was last seen around 5 p.m. on 9/24 at the Arden Villas apartments (3303 Arden Villas Boulevard, Orlando).

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2021.09.25 21:44 AmySharpton Mars probe records a big hour-and-a-half Martian quake

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2021.09.25 21:44 ComplexMention3088 Cursed_China

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2021.09.25 21:44 chromebaloney Are temp/staffing agencies worth using to get some experience while I’m working on my A+?

I’m self studying for A+ right now. I have a good grasps of the concepts from previous jobs and other classes from schooling in the past but have never had an IT centric job. Would a temp agency be useful at all to get some hands-on experience? Like Onin, TekSyatems et….?c
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