Found in TX covering my crepe myrtle & chomping on the leaves

2021.09.25 20:35 hutchwho Found in TX covering my crepe myrtle & chomping on the leaves

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2021.09.25 20:35 drapeblind Best Bike Store?

I can't find any posts about bicycles in Boulder. What's the best place to buy a bike lock and some shoes?
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2021.09.25 20:35 XVNull8 Blursed_birthday

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2021.09.25 20:35 sousavfl Where to get Nitro 25% for combustion RC car?

Hey all, exactly what is in the title? Thanks!
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2021.09.25 20:35 IronWolve Making China great again

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2021.09.25 20:35 Shadows-of-Metal Origins is built, now for the paint戊

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2021.09.25 20:35 iamrifki How Deltarune Chapter 2 satirises Northern American car-dependent cities

Deltarune Chapter 2 is a great (part of) game, but today, I want to explore an area of Deltarune's setting, Cyber City. Here, we see cars everywhere, in fact, they are an obstacle in the city area and they require timing puzzles to get around through them, if you are hit, you'll get back to where you where. This is analogous to how in most cities in the USA and Canada treat pedestrians as second-class citizens. We also know from an NPC that the Rollercoaster is the only method of public transport and that is very underfunded, again, a satire on how most North American cities prioritise cars over more efficient and environmentally friendly public transportation like Trains.
We also see that routes for Pedestrians can be unsafe with all the monsters and obstacles in the way, and the Rollercoaster seemingly having a short route compared to the virtually endless asphalt roads for cars. One last thing, ever notice how Cars just appear out of nowhere just to prevent you from progressing/revisiting places? Again, it's about trying to stop you from enjoying the city to the fullest with cars blocking your path to where you want.
Is there a solution to this? Well, I'm not sure in the context of the world of Deltarune, if let's say, the citizens of Cyber City could vote or lobby their leaders, they could in-fact, make a change by incentivising them to build better infrastructure for Pedestrians, Public Transport, and Bicycles etc. But that's it for this silly analysis of Deltarune's Cyber City, I hope you got something out of this, and I didn't waste too much time watching Transit and Urbanist YouTubers.
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2021.09.25 20:35 Hollowhowler100 You can piss lava whilst in danger, you are not immune to lava

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2021.09.25 20:35 andre2kgaming Damn Bianca really throwing shade 不不不

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2021.09.25 20:35 throwaway1838384848 Mental health help after self-harm

Hello, My cousin (26m) recently got convinced to pour bleach into his eyes by people on the dark web. He's currently in pain in hospital in London but once he's no longer in pain they're sending him home. He needs some sort of mental health help or fucking anything!? How can we help him get the support he needs? If he doesn't get any help it will just end up going badly. Please help me help him.
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2021.09.25 20:35 rocky0921 The one with the shark bite end cap appears to be the main water into the house. The one on the left is for the kitchen sink supply. What is the cut off pipe?

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2021.09.25 20:35 kenef0 Nest Hello with HKSV

Hey all, just want to make sure I understand before proceeding with getting a smart doorbell. I really like the HKSV support but with Logitech Circle having hit and miss reviews I really would like the Nest Hello doorbell.
After some lurking around I have seen that with Starling you are able to use certain devices with HomeKit support however my question is will that enable me to use the HomeKit secure video support as well?
I see Netatmo as another option but with the local storage option there isnt even a need for HKSV
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2021.09.25 20:35 GarfSaidSo (HIRE ME) If you need urgent help with your Research Proposals| Argumentative and Critical analysis essay| Case Study| Online Course Assignments| Resumes and Projects. Kindly email me at My rates are $15 per page.

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I am also conversant with various writing styles: APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, and Turabian.
Thank you so much for trusting me with all your assignment. I must work hard and produce excellent results for you. []
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2021.09.25 20:35 B166ER85 Mount Lady

Mount Lady
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2021.09.25 20:35 Skate_Crisis Skaptember days 24, 25 and 26 [48YO]

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2021.09.25 20:35 ConclusionNo7193 Variable question

I have a question it possible to chance variable by -1
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2021.09.25 20:35 4th_Wall_Studio Lagombi is basically the Bazelgeuse of MHS before Bazelgeuse.

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2021.09.25 20:35 herpin_the_derp First harvest from my cashmere plant! How long do I have before I need to dehydrate?

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2021.09.25 20:35 Consistent_Wonder729 Tp9sf with a few rounds through it.Next up a light and IWB holster

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2021.09.25 20:35 supervisual Any Model 3 owners in Brighton and Hove?

Any model 3 owners in Hove that can guide me on how to use the the EB charger on the corner of Eaton Road? I've seen a Black M3P there a few times.
I'm a new owner and couldn't quite figure it out.
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2021.09.25 20:35 lobonmyknob Hands shaky when nervous!

Im just starting out on my nail tech journey, but I get pretty shaky when I do nails. I have anxiety issues, and it sometimes make my hands shake. Did anyone else have this problem when they first started? Im hoping the more I do it, the less nervous I get and hopefully my tremors will chill out.
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2021.09.25 20:35 feritterliksiz Beyler yard覺m laz覺m

Benim bir arkada var ama paylat覺覺 yorumlar覺 postlar覺 felan kimse g繹remiyor san覺r覺m, 1 y覺ll覺k hesab覺nda bu sorun baka hesap ta a癟mak istemiyor ne yapmam覺z laz覺m? u/UseUrBrainPls 癟ocuun hesab覺
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2021.09.25 20:35 zr2d2 I don't understand your art, Kevin

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2021.09.25 20:35 julia_2342 Migration from Titanium Backup

Hi all,
I'd like to move to CalyxOS on my Pixel 4a. I'm used to custom roms. Up to now, I always rooted my phone and migrated everything using Titanium Backup. That's an straight-forward solution as it includes all apps, also apps like Signal that do not allow backups.
What is the best solution to migrate all apps to CalyxOS without root (i.e., Titanium backup)? My current rom does not include seedvault and I don't have gapps.
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2021.09.25 20:35 prawnbiryani 佞賅扣

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